The Importance of Rough Sex Communication With Your Partner

rough sex communication

Rough sex is fun. You wouldn’t be on a rough sex dating site if you didn’t likely share such a sentiment. But not everyone enjoys nor prefers rough sex, or what some call “aggressive sex.” And furthermore, even in the rough sex realm, sexual variations exist.

Before you engage in rough sex with a partner, it’s important to understand what sexual variations they prefer. It’s also imperative to gain full consent over your actions.

So how do we communicate our rough sex desires?

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Do Women Like Rough Sex? As a matter of fact…

rough sex

Women like rough sex.

There, I said it. So you really don’t need to finish this article, do you?

Well, there might be more to it than just a simple answer. Sex between men and women is complicated stuff, but more so when you introduce passionate rough sex. So it’s important to wrap your head around what your girlfriend, wife, or someone you meet on Rough Sex Dating might be thinking before you embark on things.

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How To Have Rough Sex (Get Started)

rough sex get started

You’ve finally admitted it. You love rough sex. For you, a passionate rough sex experience is the biggest turn on you know. You’re probably a guy reading this article, but you might be a girl. That said, we often tailor our rough sex guides towards men because believe it or not, men seem to be the furthest behind in understanding things.

Rough sex blends pain and pleasure together for a fulfilling, exotic, sexual experience. Many people covet the pain and pleasure sexual experience. It’s a high for them. It destresses them by removing that day’s annoyances and troubles. It’s somewhat meditative. 

Rough sex can feel like a drug for couples. It can inject spice into boring sex lives and save a relationship from doom.

No matter your gender, there are some basic things you need to understand about rough sex before you embark on the adventure. 

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Rough Sex Dating: A Guide To Intensifying Your Sexual Experience

rough sex hair pulling

You’ve dabbled in rough sex dating. You’ve had a few girlfriends who enjoyed a nice feisty face slap during sex. You’ve spanked a few with your bare hand. And then there was that oddball one night stand who asked that you choke her.

But now you want to detach from the rough sex lottery and enter a more formal relationship with the concept. 

You want to pursue rough sex dating as a consistent source of sexual fun. That’s why you joined our Rough Sex Dating app.

So what do you need to know?

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