Rough Sex Dating: A Guide To Intensifying Your Sexual Experience

You’ve dabbled in rough sex dating. You’ve had a few girlfriends who enjoyed a nice feisty face slap during sex. You’ve spanked a few with your bare hand. And then there was that oddball one night stand who asked that you choke her.

But now you want to detach from the rough sex lottery and enter a more formal relationship with the concept. 

You want to pursue rough sex dating as a consistent source of sexual fun. That’s why you joined our Rough Sex Dating app.

So what do you need to know?

A desire for rough sex is normal. Both men and women alike experience these specific sexual cravings. But it’s a tough craving to manage in the way that not everyone is into it. And it’s definitely not an area you want to leave left of confusion or interpretation. 



Consensual Rough Sex Matters

rough sex dating tips

Attempting to have rough sex with someone you don’t know, or a girlfriend you’ve never communicated the desire with, can end badly for both of you. It’s important that your rough sex experience be a consensual one where both partners receive fulfillment and enjoyment.

This is why using a rough sex dating app makes a difference. The expectations are set. The conversation of boundaries must be held prior to meeting and fucking.

It’s that simple. 

Have a Conversation

If you are using our Rough Sex Dating app, it’s implied that you need to discuss rough sex boundaries and desires with a potential partner. If you aren’t using a dating app like ours, you still need to mutually convey desires and boundaries. Otherwise, you risk confusion, and that always ends poorly.

Here’s the quick rough sex conversation points to bring up:

What do you and your partner enjoy about rough sex? Slapping? Spanking? Choking? A hard fuck? You need to establish which of these you both desire and then follow that up with a conversation regarding boundaries. 

Sometimes, people establish boundaries by explaining what type of marks they are comfortable with. If you plan to spank her, does she want red marks or blue marks or black marks? Does she just want your hand as the spanking device, or does she prefer a belt or wooden spoon?

Be as detailed as possible. And expect the same details from your potential or current partner. If you feel she’s acting shy, press her for details. Explain to her you don’t want her to feel unsafe when the rough sex begins. 

Create a safe word that’s easy to remember. While rough sex isn’t BDSM, precautions should be taken equally. A safe word is a simple, sexually irrelevant word that stops all the action. Additionally, considering that some rough sex involves covering the mouth or choking, using an MMA tap should also stop action. I know, it sounds odd, but you can never be too safe.

Remember, the safer your partner feels with you, the deeper she’ll be willing to explore your mutual rough sex desires. 

Types of Rough Sex

rough sex

There are a few rough sex types. 

Male Dominant

This is where the girl prefers the man to be fully in control of the rough sex action. This applies to both physical and verbal rough sex.

 She wants to play the role of submissive, or maybe even a fantasy victim. Role-playing is the quintessential core of rough sex dating. 

Female Dominant

The man desires a woman who controls him physically and verbally.

She’s not a femdom by exact definition, but it can feel that way at times. She’s simply a dominant woman who thrusts her will on a man. 


This is where both man and woman establish equal rough sex deployment to one another. 

Rough Sex Actions

So what actions constitute a rough sex experience? Most are obvious, some less obvious. This is where you learn the vast differences between rough sex and BDSM. 

It’s important to understand these actions because it helps you communicate with a potential rough sex date. You can craft an entire rough sex experience by understanding how the activity works.


rough sex slapping

Face slapping is the most popular form of slapping. But it’s also one of the most amplified actions you can experience. In other words,  you might administer a light slap, but your partner may feel an amplified version of it.

That’s because the sound through the ears and the sensitivity of the face is more than other body parts. So face slapping boundaries should be set.


rough sex spanking

Spanking means you spank your partner’s buttocks. This could be in the less formal way that occurs during sex. Or a more formal way whereas you tell her to bend over and then you spank.

You can use your hand, a paddle, a wooden spoon, or a belt. The spanking device and amount of intensity should be determined between you and your partner.


rough sex choking

Many girls enjoy the idea of being choked, but we are finding a lot of guys who dig being choked as well. Chocking can help intensify sexual gratification. But rough sex dating partners must be cautious and understand one another’s boundaries.


This is when you use your hands to pin your partner’s arms down. With enough intensity, you can leave ring marks on her arms. Your partner may want to push back on this depending on what both of you agreed to prior. 

Pinning is a super dominant position.

Erotic, verbal dominance

Words matter, never more than in rough sex. Sometimes this means humiliation, other times it’s a candid array or sexual descriptions or commands. 

Wrist grips

Similar to pinning, you’ll use your grips to grab her wrist and control her.

Hair pulling

rough sex pulling hair

Hair pulling is a super popular rough sex play. The less hair you grip, the more pain she experiences. Again, have a discussion and determine boundaries.

Rough Sex Fuck

rough sex fuck

This is where the man thrusts his big cock into her vagina or ass with force. Usually, this is best played by a man with a huge dick. However, many girls love to role play it. And usually, a hard fuck accompanies slapping, hair pulling, and verbal dominance.

Rough Sex Blowjob

rough sex blowbjob

A rough sex blowjob means you direct her head and force your dick uncomfortably in her mouth. Once you establish boundaries, a rough sex blowjob can be a hot time. Typically, a rough sex blowjob accompanies slapping, hair pulling, deep throating, and a hard cum that sprays in the mouth or all over the face. Sometimes, you can make her talk with your dick extended deep into her mouth. 


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