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Do you enjoy hot, passionate rough sex? Our free rough sex dating app allows you to meet consensual partners. Many singles enjoy rough sex, but it’s difficult to find like-minded partners.

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  • Find partners who enjoy no-strings-attached rough sex.
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It’s easy.

  1. Sign up.
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  3. Establish Boundaries, Safe-Words.
  4. Meet and Have Fun

If you are new to the experience, read our Rough Sex starter guide.

What Is Rough Sex?

Many people confuse rough sex with BDSM. While aspects of each overlap, rough sex dating differs in the way that it’s less formal. There’s no need to deploy devices or wear shiny leather attire. You’re you, but the sex is rougher than normal. And most importantly, you’re partner enjoys the same intensity levels as you.

Rough sex uses more grabbing, slapping, and hardcore erotic talking. Rough sex is both physical and verbal.

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Can I Safely Have Rough Sex?

Yes, absolutely, so long as you’re willing to communicate your needs to a willing partner. That’s the value in Rough Sex Dating, we eliminate the guesswork. When you meet potential rough sex partners on our dating app, you understand they are into more intense sexual experiences. And both of you understand the importance of communication.

Quick Tips

Establish a safe word BEFORE you meet. Even though rough sex isn’t fully BDSM, you should establish a safe word that halts the action if the sex gets too rough.

Create Boundaries. Don’t wait until your in the room together, instead, discuss rough sex boundaries over messenger. What do you like? What does she like? Discuss pain limits. Does she like red marks or purple marks on her buttocks after a spanking? Do you like when she slaps you? how hard?

BDSM and Rough Sex?

BDSM isn’t the same as rough sex. Rough sex is a less formal approach to intense sexual experiences. Rough sex doesn’t commonly deploy ball gags or floggers. Rough sex feels more spontaneous in its consensual abuse. There is no femdom or slave. Rough sex can be completely mutual, meaning both partners administer similar pain on one another. The girl could be the dominant one, slapping, spanking, and talking down to the man. The man could play a dominant role, pulling hair and thrusting her against walls.

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